Product Development

Our engineering team has been building high-quality tech products including QuietGrowth, the automated investment management service. We have connections with talented experts across many technologies and business domains. With this rich expertise that we have gained over years, we build the end-to-end tech capabilities of Internet businesses and tech-enabled businesses in different business verticals such as marketplaces, fintech, etc.


Some of the service verticals include:

  • Websites
  • Mobile apps
  • Prototypes
  • Software tools


The tech aspects of the products that we build include:

  • Websites, webapps
  • Native iOS apps in Swift
  • Native Android apps
  • PHP development in Laravel and CodeIgniter web frameworks
  • Node.js, Angular development
  • Java development
  • Python, R
  • MySQL, MongoDB databases
  • React, D3
  • LAMP stack, MERN stack
  • AWS, DevOps
  • Cloud computing
  • Cyber security
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Testing
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Test Driven Development (TDD), Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and Agile are the typical methodologies used for software development. Depending on the budget of the client, we can tailor the methodology to the specific needs of the client.

Outsourced Product Manager service

For early-stage firms, if the non-tech founding team does not have the product management skills to drive the building of an MVP or a beta version of the tech product or tech-enabled service, then our product managers can play that role for that firm. Not all our clients take up a hands-on role to work with our engineering team, mainly because they are busy with some other work, and in such a scenario, our product managers take ownership of building the product towards a commercial launch while keeping our clients informed on a regular basis.

Code refactoring

Whether you have a stable product or an MVP, it is suggested that you invest resources for code refactoring on an on-going basis for many reason such as:

  • to reduce the technical debt
  • to improve the productivity of the tech team and the business operations team
  • to enable easier roll-out of new product features in future
  • to prepare the product for scaling
  • to improve user experience

Our architects and software experts can improve the non-functional attributes and user-oriented attributes of your product in a consistent manner.

Fintech Product Development

We specialize in fintech product development. QuietGrowth robo-advice solution in Australia, is a fintech product. The engineering team members of QuietGrowth Tech who are involved in building this product are experts in this vertical of product development.

The DNA of the fintech engineering team has some specific characteristics, such as:

  • aptitude to understand the significance of the fintech product to the consumer
  • experience to identity the potential pitfalls while developing the fintech product
  • wisdom to visualize the financial services product issues that might crop up
  • eye for the numerical details that the interfaces communicate
  • adept in the time-tested standard working procedures of building a fintech product

The engineering team at QuietGrowth Tech have these specific characteristics, resulting in them delivering a better fintech product to you with optimized work effort.

We love building the future.